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We are a specialized garage door company that focuses solely on spring changes.  Our 17 years of experience ensures that your door will be inspected very thoroughly. This is achieved by checking all the components of your garage door, such as cables, hinges, rollers, tracks, electric sensors and of course the springs.

  Garage door spring systems are specially made to counter balance the weight of the door. We are the Spring King because of our years of experience and expertise with many different spring sizes for the each door, it is very important the correct spring is used.  Using the wrong size spring will make you garage door opener work much harder and will shorten the life of the spring.  

  Every custom made door is weighed with a scale to make sure we have the exact weight, so we can put the correct spring on your door.  If your door is heavy to lift it probably is not balanced properly with the correct springs.

Garage Door Spring Specialists

King in the Garage Door Spring Industry.

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